Akram Hemaidan
WCC's CEO & Founder

An industry leader for cheerleading in the state of California. Nominated for coach of the year 3 times and best international choreographer 2 times, Akram currently consults for over 50 high school cheer programs in California. As a former high school cheer coach, all star gym owner, UCA head instructor, and now the owner of World Class Cheerleading, Akram has spent the last 18 years dedicated to improving cheerleaders for over 10,000 athletes world wide.

Akram currently consults and choreographs in 9 countries and 15 states. He is also a renown guest speaker at coaches conferences nationally and internationally. 

While Akram is known for his innovative techniques and stellar trainings for safety and leadership, he is best known for his passion from working with young athletes. His energetic and engaging personality resonates well with everyone. He is a strong advocate for prioritizing safety and quality of experience first. Kids are his number 1 priority and he has built his career on developing programs and trainings to improve all aspects of our industry.

For competition, camp, choreography, music information and pricing contact Akram at info@wccheer.com